Terms and Conditions

When you make your booking you are entering into an agreement with us. Please read these terms and conditions carefully. If your booking is made via a VisitScotland office, then their terms and conditions take precedence where they are not in agreement with ours.

Updated 31-Aug-2018:
added PayPal payment options; clarifications; spelling corrections; explanation of handling costs.


Bookings can be made by telephone, letter, or email. All bookings are immediately taken down in the diary; no booking can be considered final until we have confirmed, and the required personal details (and/or deposit) are in our possession.

In order for us to confirm a reservation, credit/debit card details are the preferred way to secure your booking. It is also the only completely free option. No payment is taken from this card unless:

  • the booking is cancelled too late, or
  • you do not show on the day you are expected.

If you are unable to secure the booking with a credit/debit card then we require a (UK) cheque or a deposit payment by bank or PayPal. If this is done by cheque, it will not be cashed until check-out. The cheque will need to be made out from an account in your name. When paying a deposit via PayPal, you do not need a PayPal account, but you do need a credit- or debit card.

We do not offer on-line booking facilities.

Check-in and Check-out


Check-in is from 4:00pm (16:00) onwards on the day of arrival. For late arrivals (later than 8pm, 20:00) please notify us beforehand, as non-arrival by that time will be viewed as a no-show otherwise, and that may lead to your room being re-let.

You have access to the building and your room 24 hours a day throughout your stay using a set of keys given to you when you register on arrival. You have full responsibility for these keys during your entire stay. Lost keys will be charged at £150.00 per set, as it will involve changing all front door keys and the lock.

We very much prefer to have access to the rooms between 10:30am and 4:00pm (16:00) even on intermediate days. That allows us to do the daily small maintenance. If that is not convenient, and we cannot arrange a time within that time-slot, this maintenance will be skipped.


We ask that you please vacate your room by 10:30am (10:30) on the morning of departure.

The keys must be handed back during check-out. We will try to remind you of this, but returning the keys to us as quickly as possible will be your responsibility should you walk away with them.


On departure, we will present you with your bill, which will reflect only the amounts agreed when booking.

Payment is due on the morning of departure. We accept cash, cheques and pre-payment via a bank transfer or through PayPal. PayPal is also available on check-out (for an extra fee). However, at that time you will need to have a PayPal account. That is due to choices PayPal made, and nothing to do with us. We do not offer facilities to take credit-card payment in advance (unless it's via PayPal), nor will we act as a bank ouselves (no cash-back or cashing of cheques).

For very long stays, you will be asked to settle via intermediate bills.

You agree that if no (or no complete) payment can be taken on departure, payment will still be owed. Any costs we incur in the process of obtaining such payment (including legal aid and debt collecting costs should that, in our view, become necessary) will be added to the amount still owed.

Change of Room

Should a customer desire a specific room, we will always try to comply. There is, however, no obligation on our part, and if alternative room allocation means that more people can stay with us, or more persons are comfortable while staying with us, then that will take precedence.

Damage and Breakages

We expect our guests to care for our home as if it were their own. Apart from normal wear and tear, you will be liable for any breakages or damages which you cause to the accommodation or its contents. Please report these as soon as they occur especially if you accidentally spill something it's much easier to clean if we know what it is and can act quickly. We strive to not charge for breakages, but we reserve the right to charge for repair or making good if significant damage is done, or excessive carelessness was the cause.

Personally Sensitive Data

Some data gathered during the course of a booking will be held on a computer. We would like to hold this data after your visit to be able to contact you if the need arises. We do not pass information on to others, and we do not send out mass-emails to addresses we happen to have. Should you nevertheless wish to have your data erased, please contact us.

Packed Lunches

Packed lunches are available on request. We will require 24 hours notice, as extra shopping is involved. It is only fair to say that if you go to the local supermarket yourself, you may well find that a cheaper option.


Cancellation by the Guest

A confirmed reservation is deemed to be a binding contract. In the event of any cancellation, a cancellation charge of up to one night's rates or 50% of the balance due (whichever is higher) may be levied.

We will do our utmost to re-let the accommodation for the period of the cancellation but for any part of the cancelled visit that is not re-let a cancellation charge of 50% of the balance due will be imposed. This will need to be paid to us, or, if the deposit exceeds this amount, the remainder of the deposit after deduction will be returned to you.

If you cancel your booking within 48 hours of the scheduled date of arrival or any of the expected people fail to arrive on the agreed date of arrival (for whatever reason including illness) a charge equivalent to the total booking price will be levied. This charge will be reduced by any re-letting we manage to do.

Please take note that no exceptions to the above conditions will be made and that any confirmed booking made with us (verbal or written) forms a legally binding contract. For this reason we advise that you take out a suitable insurance product to cover against unexpected costs such as cancellation fees.

Cancellation of packed lunches is possible, but once shopped for or prepared, half of the cost will be owed regardless.

Cancellation by Us

Should it become necessary for us to cancel a booking we will contact you as soon as we can. Any payments made will be refunded in full. Alternatively, should you prefer, we will attempt to book you into another local bed and breakfast of the same or higher VisitScotland grading in a similar standard of room. Should this establishment be more expensive than ours, we will pay the difference. Our liability will not extend beyond these conditions.


We reserve the right, at our discretion, to terminate, without notice, an individual's stay where deemed necessary; either for unacceptable behaviour or as a result of actions which are likely to endanger or offend others including ourselves. Non compliance with our smoking policy will with certainty cause such termination. Any outstanding account must be settled, no refunds will be made.


Pets are not permitted anywhere in the house.


Children are very welcome from the age of 8.


Smoking is not permitted within any part of Breadalbane House. Please note that offenders will be asked to leave immediately, and may be liable for

  • professional cleaning of any rooms,
  • any outstanding balance of nights booked but not taken through early departure,
  • any cost incurred by us for not being able to let the room to subsequent guests.


We reserve the right to change our prices at any time. This will never affect bookings already made, nor booking requests being processed. The prices on our own web-site are always valid. Third-party sites, which we may not even be aware of, may state out of date prices which we are not bound to.

Car, Motorbike and Bicycle Parking

A car park is available exclusively for our guests' use at the back of the house. Cars and motorcycles parked there are at their owners' risk. For cyclists, lockable sheds for a maximum of eight bikes are available. These spaces should be reserved when booking, as they are otherwise given out on a first come, first served basis. Surplus bicycles will need to stay in the open, but are not in sight from the public road.


A safe is available if you need secure storage of valuables.


We do not accept liability for any damage, loss or injury to any member of your party or any vehicles or possessions, unless proven to be caused by a negligent act by ourselves.

Lost Property

We are happy to return items that have been left following departure. However, we will expect you to cover postage and packaging.

Missing Items

We reserve the right to charge for missing items.


If, at any time during your stay, you are not happy with any aspect of the service we offer, we would urge you to make that known to us at your earliest convenience. That will give us the opportunity to either put right what is offending you, or arrive at alternative solutions. Complaints made during check-out are helpful insofar as they may aid us in improving our service for others, but as we were not given the opportunity to make amends, they will not lead to discounts.


We operate below the VAT threshold, and therefore do not charge VAT. The bills we make out specify that VAT does not apply.


Our wireless internet is available for your use as a complimentary service. By using it, you agree to the following:

You acknowledge that you have read all the Wi-Fi related terms and conditions of this agreement, understand them, and agree to be legally bound by them.

We will comply with requests made by the proper authorities to allow them to monitor internet traffic. We will also comply with requests made by the proper authorities to help them uphold legal requirements, and to protect our own rights, property and interests. You agree that we have the right to do this, and we state categorically that only requests from authorities will cause us to monitor (or allow monitoring of) traffic in this way.

You agree that your use of this service is a courtesy and not a right, and that you and you alone are responsible for your activities whilst using this Service. All risks involved in the use of this service are yours. You agree not to use this Service to engage in any prohibited, unlawful, infringing, torturous or harmful conduct, violate another party's intellectual property, privacy or other rights, or otherwise interfere with the operation, use or enjoyment of the service, including hard- and software involved.

Our Wi-Fi internet is secured (which you will see when making the connection). You, however, are responsible for your security and privacy. There are privacy and security risks associated with wireless communications and the Internet generally. You acknowledge that we make no assurance that your communications or activities will be or will remain private or secure, and agree that we will not bear any responsibility in that regard. You agree that you are responsible for implementing any protections you deem to be appropriate to protect and secure your privacy, and your activities, hardware, software and systems, and also that any measures you take will not impair the use of the service for others than yourself, or even be noticeable to others.

You acknowledge and agree that this service is provided 'as is', with any defects we may or may not be aware of, and with no guaranteed availability. We will do our best to have Wi-Fi availability throughout the house and throughout the day, but our failure in this regard gives you no rights to any compensation whatsoever.

You agree that we may, at any time and for any reason, change, terminate, limit or suspend this courtesy service (in whole or in part) or your access to it.